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Creativity is a part of everyone

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

My journey into art is unorthodox. At school I was made to do accounts instead of art. Somehow this was perceived as good advice but I failed miserably at accounts. I am not generally a linear thinker, I find spread sheets difficult. I am much more of a lateral thinker, someone who tends to think creatively (you can be a creative accountant which is how Al Capone ended up in prison).

If you want an example of lateral thinking (solving a problem from a different angle) there is a surprising story about King Solomon who was said to be the wisest man alive at that time. Two women living in the same house brought a baby to him and there was a dispute about who was the mother. Solomon said "cut the child in two and give half to each woman." The real mother was revealed when she begged that the child be committed to the care of her rival. Solomon gave the baby to the real mother. This is an example of creative or lateral thinking (you can read the story in 1 Kings 3:16-28). It is not that one kind of thinking is better than the other, they are both necessary. My computer programmer friends tend to use both.

I am convinced that we are made to be creative in some way, some more logically, others more chaotic. Art is simply one expression. You might be a baker (look how popular Great British Bake Off has become). You might be a songwriter poet. I know motorbike mechanics who come up with creative solutions to fixing bikes.

The key is to see yourself as somehow WHO COULD BE CREATIVE. And to not box yourself into one kind of stereotype. I have recently starting using oil pastels. I had written them off as adult crayons but that was naive. I took them with me to a summer school in Durham this year and in the lectures began to doodle with them. I loved the way you could involve your fingers on the paper. One of the lectures used an illustration of walking in the moors and I just let my imagination go there and allow my drawing to follow. Here's the result:

A mindful walk on the moors

So I am going to make a suggestion. Think out of the box a little. Be a bit lateral. Imagine you can be creative because it is part of you. It just needs a room to breath.

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